1. My cat is still gone and it’s a very sad thing. I’m pretty sure someone stole her from my yard sunday evening :/

2. I was just curled up in a ball on the floor while being beat up by a two and four year old.

3. I got a full time job at a health food store only 15 mintues from my house. I start Friday, most likely. So far everyone there has been insanely laid back and friendly. Should be a fun way to get a little dependable income (and health insurance) while still working on artsy stuff.

4. Now I have to get ready for dinner and bible study with friends. Tonight will be one of the last Tuesday night study’s with Sir Tim Meadows before he ships off to England. So sad. Joan and I are in mourning already and have decided a party must be thrown in is honor. Most likely this will just mean making cake and cookies and stuffing ourselves with junk food while watching a movie. Hurrah!