thursday evening i took livvie downtown to lake eola so we could shoot some photos together (i can’t believe she’s already 12…i have to say, it feels kind of odd to have a friend who you remember being born)

she was smart enough to bring along a bag of seeds for the pigeons and a bag of french fries for the swans. for two hours we sat near the lake covered from head to toe in pigeons. it was fantastic (especially sine they didn’t poop on us)! once they started eating and lost their fear of us, they had no problem sitting on our arms, legs, shoulders, heads, and one even landed on my camera. i had them sitting and eating out of my left hand while they let me position them with my right hand then get in their faces to take macro photos. of course by the end of it we were covered in bird seed and ugly red scratches from their claws, but i’d say the fun was worth it and we’ll definitely be going back again sometime.

(so far only two pictures)

friendly (hungry) pigeons

the black swan

friday i watched my cousins while their mom was at work. they arrived before dawn so we were outside playing as the sun rose. i found a pretty little dragonfly wing laying in the yard and loved the little details in it.

flight at sunrise

it was a long but fun nine hours…the day involved a lot of toys, cartoons, and rewarding gregory with chocolate chips if he sat still enough and posed for me. ahhh, bribery. i love it.


i should have more pictures from lake eola and new york soon….