Last Sunday night was spent eating our way across manhattan. We started at Pomme Frittes for fries, took a short break, went to Parprika for dinner (amazing fresh minestrone and gnocchi) , then made our way to Serendipity 3 for the richest, sweetest, and largest dessert I’ve ever seen (we shared one, each ate less than 1/4, and were both sick the next day).

After dessert I spotted a fab window display at a wig shop right down the street from the restaurant.


A sculpture on the roof of the Met (painted resin with sharp objects confiscated at airport secruity checkpoints)

gator takes manhattan

scissors, and forks, and knives, oh my!

Jessica has been visiting the past few days so (of course) I took some photos of her belly…23 weeks along now and she finds out on Tuesday of it’s a boy or a girl.