Five totally random facts for the day:

1. I’ve been listening to the same three songs over and over for weeks.
2. I kind of hate making a top 8. I’m always rearranging the order of my friends which feels…odd, because all my friends are great and everyone should be number one.
3. Sometimes I want to sell every single thing I own and start from scratch.
4. My high heels make me 6’1″ and I feel like I could crush people.
5. I really really wanted this dress (and if i’d had $150 to spend, it would be mine)

So I made Keith take a picture of it, then put on the $30 polka-dot cap-sleeved dress I’d purchased only 15 minutes beforehand (and I adore it…but there’s nothing like a bright orange corset dress…).

P.S. Later – more photos and maybe even a story or two.