today is allison’s birthday so i’m watching little emmie and micah while she goes out to dinner and a movie with her husband.

the kids are in bed now and they have a huge projector screen that’s great for watching dvd’s and tv, but i can’t seem to figure out this remote. i somehow got it stuck on mute and i can’t get the channel to change. it doesn’t help that the one button it says i need to push doesn’t exist anymore since micah decided to eat it several weeks ago

so now it’s stuck on pbs and i’m watching some odd british comedy (from the 70’s, it appears) with no sound, and there’s an old man with a hot pink feather duster talking to people dressed as gypsies, disco kings and…pimps? i have no idea what’s going on.

in other news, i rode my bike to baldwin park this morning. a combination of heat, being out of shape, and riding too fast caused me to nearly throw up and pass out on the side of the road. it was pathetic, really. after sitting for a few minutes i eventually made it to the grocery store, drank 10 gallons from the water fountain, then stood inside the freezer section for a bit. after a few minutes i was fine and went on to take pictures around the store (and the ride home was much better).

i was outside about to ride back when i saw a dragonfly clinging to some plants nearby. he was cool enough to sit still for a few seconds while i got right in his face with the camera. pictures to come later, of course.