i know i know, the water droplet photos have been done before, and flower macros are so cliche, but i had so much fun crawling around and getting drenched by the wet grass (and then more rain at one point) that i had to post these. plus, this fly is one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.

francis the fly

i was so excited while taking these yesterday i nearly peed on myself. there’s just such a HUGE difference in quality with this camera compared to my old one. now all the shots i tried taking before actually turn out.

i got an amazing compliment from a total stranger and semi-pro photographer yesterday when i posted those blue bubble photos in a photography community online. i’d post what he said but i think i’d feel too conceited. needless to say, it was very very nice to hear, because for some reason, it just means more when it comes from people you’ve never met and that you know aren’t biased (as friends and family can be – though i still appreciate the kind words! 🙂

i’m starting to look into some photo contests and making prints to try selling or maybe even selling some as stock photography. i don’t know…it would just be nice to make some money with something i really really like doing and people seem to be a little interested in my photos lately…i guess i’ll see what happens.

anyway, i must go get ready to babysit little emmaline and micah so allison can have a lunch date with a friend. emmie loves when i have my camera with me so i have a feeling more pictures will be showing up soon….