it’s nice to be home and eat some real food for a few days. for about 5 days i survived on guinness, k cider, doritios, and pizza. thoroughly disgusting yet completely delicious. i’m almost tempted to go vegan again just to try and make up for it all but i really doubt that’s going to happen.

so, this year has officially turned into the best birthday i’ve ever had and it’s felt like it’s lasted all week.

i made the trip over to tampa with mark and dar on thursday and after having lunch with keith they headed back to orlando and were kind enough to drop off my munny at Uberbot for me. Just something happy and fun and based off one of my paintings. could have been better but I’m ok with it. his name is Poppy:

that night we went out to see Superman. i don’t really have a thought out review to give, but i will say i liked it more than i thought i would and it’s definitely a fun summer movie (keith wrote about it a bit on his blog).

afterwards we went over to Sacred Grounds with our laptops to eat dinner while listening to some live music. Geri X was performing and i really liked her voice so i picked up their cd (i also found it fantastic that the drummer didn’t have his sticks so he used pencils).

the rest of the weekend i spent watching the world cup (in HD!), having lots of fun with K’s co-workers (who all signed a birthday card for me!) at Quench, Carrabba’s, Braden’s, and then Saturday at a big fireworks show in orlando at lake jessup.

we crashed at mark and dar’s that night, had a great sunday lunch with sam, nellie, joan, and ian, and now i’m busy cleaning up and doing laundry so i can pack up again and head back to tampa to help out rachel and conrad with a little project for camp, then drive back to orlando with keith again for the munny show on the 8th. whew.

needless to say, i’ve been giggly and giddy for days about getting to see all these friends. now what i’m really looking forward to is the big trip to new york in a few weeks. picure taking time, baby!