first off, thank you to everyone for the calls, comments, gifts, and well wishes. i’m overwhelmed with how many amazing people i know and you all made my day completely fantastic.

and now, onto the birthday extravaganza:

the dining room table was set with vintage dishes and pink flowers my dad had picked out. my parents cooked me french toast, eggs, sausage (the veggie kind, of course), and set out the three mandatory breakfast beverages; coffee, orange juice, and water.

i had made a comment a few days ealier to my dad about how when i was little (during our family’s major “healthy eating” phase) i thought the best gift in the world was a 2 liter of pepsi and a snickers bar. so being the sweetie he is, he went out early in the morning on my birthday and bought me pepsi and a snickers bar. i think it’s probably the cutest little gift i’ve ever gotten.

a few hours later greg brought sam and gregory over and surprised me with flowers and a birthday cake. we ate messily, played lwith egos, and splashed in the kiddy pool.

then a little while after that, dar brought over my favorite thai meal for lunch (the whole day was about food, basically).

sarah arrived for the festivities later in the afternoon and we lounged around until joan showed up, then met up with greg and quock (i forget if this is spelled correctly but it’s pronounced ‘gok’) and headed to the copper rocket.

the night passed by very quickly with many many laughs and many many drinks. i won’t go into detail but here are a few highlights that amuse me…but possibly only me.

– running into quocks ex-girlfriend, stealing her camera, erasing photos, and taking pictures of ourselves
– recieving an out of the blue but very nice “happy birthday” phone call from my cousin kenlyn in kentucky who i haven’t seen in about…10 years?
– joan and i taking the exact same picture of ourselves 10 times
– attempting to bite off someones finger
– becoming obsessed with getting a picture of our bartender for documentary purposes
– finding my purse the next day and discovering that someone had placed an ashtray and about 20 coasters in it.

and that’s about as much as i’ll share in a blog. suffice it to say, the world should never again have to see megan with 11 beers running through her (yes joan, turns out greg counted and it wasn’t just 7 or 9. dear lordy).

oh, and a few photos:

sarah and mom looking hott

my wonderful designated driver, greg

joan, me, quock

and some pictures of the table and some super yummy coconut cupcakes:.

birthday breakfast

coconut cupcakes


and there you have it.