maybe you had to be there, but the fact that my father was curled up in the fetal postition and couldn’t move became hilarious. the veins bulging out on his head, as if screaming in pain, really adds something to it, too. (and that’s my mom cackling in the background).

he’s alright, just sore. apparently he pulled a muscle when he went to dry his feet after a shower. a noble cause, indeed. i’d feel worse about laughing but he does the same to me whenever i get hurt (and for the record, i was only lighthearted about it because i knew nothing was seriously wrong)

in other news, i’ve gotten sucked into the excitement of the world cup. did anyone else watch the netherlands-portugal game?? what is with the brutality? and the red cards! is it always like this? i don’t really know the rules of soccer but i’ve found out i really enjoy watching it. there’s so much drama and movement. it’s like theater meets ballet on steroids.

(today i also discovered that david beckhams voice sounds like chewbecca sucking on helium)