I’ve had an amazing day, and i’m in a terrific mood at the moment. I’ve been at Mark and Dar’s place with Keith since Friday, and just got back home, so it’s been like a long holiday weekend with everyone. Fabulous. We slept in, ate at Toojay’s, shopped at Millenia Mall (Anthrolpologie, you’ve completely stolen my heart. I am such a consumer whore), got a Starbucks buzz, had tea with almond crossiants, and sat completely silent next to each other while each person had a Mac sitting on their lap (computers actually outnumbered people there).

And right now, I’m extremely excited about several things.

1. Our discovery of the Uberbot store right by my house. How had we never seen it before? Keith has recently introduced me to Dunny’s and Munny’s (basically the new hip and trendy collectible Cabbage Patch Doll for adults), and he has become my “sponser” in the Munny 2 show that will be held at the store in a few weeks.

Thanks to Keith, I’m now the proud owner of a fresh new and completely blank Munny and will be participating in the contest(!). I’ll be coming up with ideas and working on the design for the next few days then painting quickly so I can turn it in before the July 1st due date. If mine is lucky enough to get in the top 20 it will be displayed in the store for sale with the price set by ME. Cha-ching. Fingers and toes are crossed. (Go here to check out entries from last years contest)

2. This camera.

I want it. Bad. I’ve been reading reviews and love it even more. It sounds amazing for the price, would make nice enough prints to maybe try my hand at selling a few of my photos if anyone were interested, and seems to be a good stepping stone before getting an SLR one day. Droooooool.

3. My new dress.

We’re calling it “The little black NYC dress”, though I have a feeling I’ll be wearing it before our trip. It makes me feel girly, and since it’s really lightweight material, I also feel nearly naked. It’s fantastic.

And that’s the news in Megtropolis.