The trailer for Little Miss Sunshine – I have a feeling I will really really like this movie.

A Prairie Home Companion – Robert Altman is simply awesome. The camera movement, the overlapping dialog, the character development….just go see it.


How It Ends by Devotchka – It’s indie rock, what’s not to like? Epsecially when it
switches from mellow to upbeat and back.

Blush (Only You) by Plumb – The first completely sappy love song I’ve liked in ages. Lovely vocals, and an instant favorite when you’re in love with the idea of love.

In the Sand by Kashmir – One I’ve listened to on repeat for hours. I really need to get their Zitilites album one day.

The Worlds Gone Mad by Handsome Boy Modeling School – Meg likes a hip hop/rap song? Believe it or not, yes

Frozen Pieces by Milosh – Just plain pretty. I listen to it while I paint.

The Art Teacher by Rufus Wainwright – Beautiful piano music, and I’ll like any song with the line “uniform-ish pant suit sort of thing”.