keith and i got toally carried away playing with photobooth on dar’s laptop a bit ago. we had a world cup game on but nothing could hold our attention like own faces.

(keiths face is priceless in this one)

(and darlene! with me looking laughably broody)

last night we went out for dinner at PF Changs then thought we’d see a movie. sadly, orlando night life stops after 11pm and there were no showtimes except a 12:40 of the lakehouse. we hopped in his car with the intention of checking out what was happening at waterford lakes, then somehow ended up driving to cocoa beach instead. bless dear ron jon’s heart for having the store open 24/7, though no one in the world really needs that much beachwear. we wandered onto the pitchblack beach for a little bit and stared at the gorgeous red half moon (while dodging several couples out in the sand) then headed back home in the wee hours of the morning.

i’ve also come to the conclusion that cocoa has some of the most randomly named establishments ever, examples being:”F’uglies Lounge, “Where shimp happens”, and another simply titled “An auction!”.

and now….i think i need a nap.