so tuesday evening my brother (who lives in kentucky, so i rarely get to see him) came over for dinner and i finally got to meet his fiance, meghan. she was fun, goofy, easy to talk to, and i liked her immediately. i made them pose for a picture then took a few while she wasn’t looking.

brett & meghan


oh, and after they left i finally made it over to see joans new place! on the way there i was rocking my multitasking skills by talking on the phone with jess, trying to read the semi-directions i’d scrawled on a piece of scrap paper, and attempting not to run into anyone on the road. and i only got a little sorta lost once. hurrah for me.

yesterday i got out a massive amount of supplies all over my room and found a few things to make some envelopes for a couple little packages i wanted to mail. i stopped by the post office this morning to send them and saw the tiniest little indian man the world has ever known standing behind the counter. he’s very nice and polite, but with his thick accent and the half-deaf elderly women that go in, neither one can understand the other and it takes three times as long to get out of there. ah well.

next up i went over to the library and checked out about five thousand books (meaning about 20 or 30). i want to do some watercolors/illustrations so i thought i’d check out the childrens books for different styles to look through. i almost called matt and keith when i came across one titled “Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry” but figured i’d start laughing really loudly in the middle of the library.

i decided to leave when i realized i could barely carry my basket of books and i got to use the handy dandy self-checkout they just intalled in that branch. i love self-checkout counters but for some reason always feel like i’m somehow going to break it :/

another thing that happened today was that i kept having these overwhelming moments of appreciation for the life i have. i know i run the risk of sounding mawkishly sentimental, but i have to say once again that i know some really great people. i love that i have friends that call me to come over for coffee and brownies, or just call to say hi, or send goofy camera phone pictures, or write letters and send me little things. oh yeah, and then there’s the friend who is taking me to nyc for my birthday and i am getting oh-so-excited about it. i’ve already told keith i don’t care what we do there, as long as we can take pictures in chinatown and visit some museums, i’ll be happy. and as horrible as it sounds, i’m really crossing my fingers that i somehow get gifts of cash from long lost relatives this year so i can put it towards a new camera to get before the trip. i really don’t know how much longer this 5 year old one will last since it’s already somewhat broken.

speaking of cameras, i retouched some older photos last night. not sure what i think of them, but eh…i guess they’re better than before.




well, hopefully tomorrow i can dig into some of these books i got today and whip out a few small pieces to sell, meaning art pictures soon. oh yeah, and then in the evening – party time with keebers! (“party” meaning that we’ll most likely walk around downtown and end up in an ihop at 2am with all the drunkies).

alrighty. i need some sleep now.

p.s. 1. there’s a great podcast that i’m in love with called photoshop tv. thanks to kenny for telling me about it.

2. about once a year i put on my headphones, turn off the lights, and listen to broken by ours really loudly. it’s angsty as hell but i enjoyed it this evening.

3. if you made it all the way through this post, tell me/describe your favorite alcoholic bevage.