first off, a piece of mail i reveived “anonymously” the other day (i kinda figured out who sent it when i recognized my address as being in Jessica’s handwriting, despite the fact she attempted to scrawl it in odd block lettering. oh yeah, and it was postmarked “Tampa, FL”)

i laughed quite a bit. if you don’t understand why, you really need to watch Lost. she also sent my mom an even better piece of mail, but you’ll have to go to mom’s blog to see it.

and now a quick recap of a completely lazy Memorial Day. it was fantastic.

– slept in
– lounged around Mark and Dar’s house with Keith until 3
– late lunch at Little Saigon
– shopping at Millenia Mall
– followed by dessert at The Cheesecake factory (get the chocolate coconut cheesecake. it’s beyond incredible)

also, some pictures. because that’s what i do to make up for the fact that i haven’t felt like writing anything remotely interesting in quite a while.

mark & dar

my new favorite glass from Anthropologie. i want to live in that store. i also want the “L” and “W” glasses

some new artsy-fartsy-ish photos.

morning shadows


Viet District