– I’m totally in awe of the talent of others. I’m speaking mainly of photography at the moment (I’ve become SUCH a flickr addict). Check out favorites and be amazed – http://www.flickr.com/photos/meganleewelch/favorites/

– Sheepish grins and little waves from strangers are completely endearing

– I’m quickly becoming more and more fascinated by elements of Japan. I think I’ll have to go to Tokyo one day.

– I love my family. They entertain, amuse, and annoy like none other.

p.s. Another photo from last year in Kentucky. Surprisingly, it’s become one of my recent favorites. I think it has more to do with the memories attached to it than the actual photo itself. This shop is in the center of downtown Carrollton and I pass by it whenever I go to eat at Welch’s Restaurant with my family (a tradition we’ve kept up for years and years). I would love to go in the store sometime but it’s closed every single time I’m in town. Maybe next visit :/

Carrollton, KY