Ok, it’s still a month and a half away, and this may be a bit presumptuous to say, but I’m saying it now in case anyone that reads this is thinking of getting me something for my birthday (I know, I know, slim chance – but just in case!)

Unless you’ve thought of something really unique or fun that you just know I’ll love – go ahead and just get me a Target giftcard. Seriously, it’s my favorite store. They have clothes, makeup, dvds, a really cool dinnerware set I love, and if I get enough together I can spring for this digital camera Matt told me about. I started reading about it and checking out reviews and it sounds like the perfect camera for me right now. I desperately want need it before my tryp to NYC in July so it’s going to the top of the list.

So yeah…just fyi. Target giftcards, baby!

P.S. I’m taking the train to Tampa in the morning. Hoorah! Let’s hope that this time it doesn’t smell like dirty feet and old ham.