mommy's kisses

Sarah and Ethan ended up spending the afternoon with us yesterday. Sarah was sitting at the table and I loved the light coming in the window, so I grabbed the camera. Ethan noticed and wanted to join the little photo shoot so he he climbed up to sit with his mom. He’s one of the sweetest and also one of THE most engergetic boys I’ve ever met – always running, jumping, bouncing, or talking – so it made taking pictures quite a challenge. This one ended up being one of the few that didn’t capture him as a colorful little smiling blur 🙂

I talked to a friend the other day that said he was going to send flowers to his mom for Mother’s Day. It got me to thinking and I still remember when I was little and thinking how exotic it was when I have would have peppery tasting nasturtium flowers in my salads. If you’re going to eat flower petals, just make sure they are unsprayed and carefully get rid of any wildlife by giving them a good shake or wipe them with a paper towel – only rinse if absolutely necessary. And there are all types of flowers that can be used in cooking; rose petals on cakes or in jams, marigold petals in stocks or wines to be added in dishes, runner-bean flowers for salads or creamy desserts, borage in stir-fries or cold soups, and herb flowers make great garnishes.