I have some advice for you. Go get some of this:

It’s like chocolate milk mixed with really good coffee, and about 100 times better than bottled Starbucks frappaccino…so you won’t be sorry.

And here’s the latest news:

Yesterday was a beach day in New Smyrna with gram and mom. We spent all of 30 minutes in the sun before shopping for the rest of the afternoon and stopping to see Sarah in Sanford. Gram bought me the cutest summer skirt ever.

Thursday is painting day. All day. Lot’s of music and iced tea will be involved.

Friday night will be the long-talked about Harry Potter Moviethon with Joan. We’ve got about 12 hours worth to get through…quite a feat.

Saturday is the big family dinner here. Out in the backyard with lots of food, lots of beverages, lots of laughing, and lots of fun (will take pictures, naturally).

Oh, and of course….a few photos from yesterday.

mom & gram

tootsies – me, mom, gram

a hotel on the beach

a few strangers

and one more photo from my bike ride in Baldwin Park the other morning

P.S. I’ve had The Price is Right theme song and Fildler on the Roof stuck in my head ALL day (The Poppaaaaaaaa! The Poppa!).