I was tagged by Matt several weeks ago and then Keith tagged me yesterday, so I guess it’s time to write this. So, here we go. Six odd and unknown facts about yours truly.

1. I have a deep love for chocolate. Usually the more expensive and very very dark kind, but, I also have a weakness for…Whitman’s Sampler.

Yeah. The cheap, high sugar, low quality excuse for chocolate candies. I adore them. It has to be the two-layer box though, and it has to have the little map that says what each candy is and where you can find it in the box. I mean, it’s like a cool little treasure map leading you to sweet and tasty spoils…how could you not like that? In fact, I think that’s the real appeal of it for me, because I love treasure maps, and I LOVE chocolate, so if you put ’em together….I’m ecstatic.

2. I used to always come up with these really great inventions, then I would find out that someone else had already made it. You know about universal remotes? Yeah…MY idea.

3. I enjoy cleaning other people’s messes more than my own. It all started when I was around 2 years old and would stand in the grocery store check out line with my mother. While she put items on the counter, I would organize the candy, gum, and magazines. I’ve now moved on to straightening lip stick and eyeshadow containers in the makeup section. I know…it’s weird.

4. This one is going to be hard to explain, but I’ll give it a shot. It seems as soon as I was born I developed several habits that tended to calm me. Sometimes I would hum myself to sleep, sometimes I would suck my fingers, and other times I would use my fingernails to snag the threads in the fabric of my blanket, or the hems of my shirt, jacket, sweater, etc. I don’t know why I started doing this whole snagging thing, but to this day I haven’t broken the habit. The hems of my shirts after a few months of wear are proof, and my sister and mom like to tease me incessantly about it. I have horrible nails but oh well…at least I stopped sucking my fingers.

5. Lac Viet Bistro is my new favorite restaurant. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and fell in love with their tofu summer rolls. Since that first meal I’ve been in every few days to pick up some food (they’re the only place around that makes vegetarian summer rolls!) and they now know me by name, face, and Luann (one of the owners) even recognizes my voice on the phone when I call in my order. I like that.

6. I collect cd’s. And I don’t mean cd’s that I listen to. When I was about 10 or so I came up with an idea for a project to do one day so I started collecting those free AOL cd’s, scratched cd’s, found cd’s, cd’s in the mail, and just about every other kind of cd that most people throw away. I have quite a few now, but I’ve yet to reveal to anyone what my project will be.

And there you have it. Six more things about me that you never needed to know. Just about everyone has done this so I think I’ll skipp on tagging anyone else. Have a fine and dandy day now 🙂

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