my sister is pregnant! finally, i can say it. it was a long three weeks of me pestering jessica to let the secret out. and i never mentioned my brother is getting remarried. the gal’s name is megan and she’s 6 months older than me. i find that….interesting.

also, i feel SO fantastic right now! content, loved, and blessed. i love times like these. of course the pessimist in me always feels like something bad is just about to happen to even things out, but i’m going to ignore that for now.

i put a new song on my profile. keith always plays me fun music in the car, and like the dork that i am, i always end up saying “i SO have to put this on my MySpace!”. so there it is. go Weezer. actually, the song i REALLY wanted was The Trees and the Wild (keith tends to play Matt Pond when we drive around so i’ve become obssessed), but it’s nowhere on myspace…which is very sad. so i’m listening to it on repeat through iTunes.

I can’t believe it’s almost time for Mothers Day! There are lots of Mothers Day Flowers and Mothers Day gift ideas from DotFlowers if you’re looking for something pretty. The Monticello Rose Bouquet and Abundant Glory Arrangement are sured to impress any mom 🙂

I’ll have to get a gift soon for Father’s Day too. I just found out about this website with a bunch of different pre-filled Fathers Day Gift Baskets that are full of high quality chocolates, nuts, wines, cheeses and fruits, or you can even custom make a basket so you can choose exactly what you want.

um, and is anyone else getting this ad on myspace?