Well, I actually did get up at 6:45 today and hop on my bike for a ride (I woke up to go out yesterday but then realized it was 46 degrees outside…and that was just too cold. I don’t think this morning was much better though. Anyway…). Baldwin Park is only about 4 miles away on the Cady Way Trail so it doesn’t take long to get there, especially when the trail is nearly empty at that hour (and my mom decided to join me so company always makes it nicer). Mostly it’s just older folks out for a stroll and I find it sort of fun to say hello to them first thing in the morning. I’ve started to collect a rolodex of voices in my head and take notice of how each person says ‘good morning’. It’s kind of interesting to listen to the different inflections and pronuncations.

Once we arrived in town I went into Publix for the water fountain and the toilet paper (hurrah for allergies). I have to say, that store uses some of the cheapest TP ever in their bathroom…but hey, it’s free, so no complaining here. Mom had waited outside at the far corner of the building so I did a little jig for her enjoyment as I made my way towards her. Then it struck me to dramatically pull out the extrememly long strip of TP from my pocket and I proceeded to wave it around while doing something akin to a rhythmic gymnastics routine. I think it really confused the kid sitting nearby in his car (and now reading over this I think I sound like a crazy person).

I meandered around a few streets taking pictures but really only liked how a few turned out…and even then they don’t thrill me much. Ah well. It was something fun to do.

A grease pit at the grocery store. Yummy.

I’ve never seen so many water meters all in a row. These were 5 of 13 along one section of the sidewalk.
Five meters

The loading dock at Publix
Loading dock

An older picture I found from one of my visits to Tampa a few months ago.
the train station

A very sad and very dead bird from my last visit to Kentucky. I found it on the sidewalk in downtown Carrollton and, despite being disgusted, felt compelled to take its picture.
poor bird

P.S. I almost forgot! On the ride back home there’s a section of the trail right next to Bennet Rd and some guy passing by popped a wheelie on his motorcycle….yeah, on his motorcycle! It was quite impressive. But I thought he was going to fall off.

P.P.S. Lately I’ve been feeling much better overall, but this afternoon I started feeling pretty icky and I’ve heard from some friends that another virus is going around. I’m pretty sure that I’m destined to catch some sort of illness every few weeks.

P.P.P.S. I love post scripts very dearly