I was going through a little devotional this morning and there was a quote in the commentary that said:

Reach out and give your love to the loveless,
Reach out and make a home for the homeless;
Reach out and shed God’s light in the darkness
Reach out and let the smile of God touch through you.

Now, even though that quote is completely cheesy, it got me thinking about how every person you meet will automatically get some sort of impression of you. Also, through simple interactions, you can have a profound effect on someone.

I’m supposed to be showing love to people, I’m supposed to “let the smile of God touch through me” (*cringe* Good message, but come on…). I try to make an effort on a regular basis, but the sad fact is that a lot of the time, I’m horrible at being a loving person. I mean seriously, I do quite a craptastic job (and have you ever realized that the people that mean the most to you are usually the ones you can treat the worst?). I suppose I’m kinder than some, but what does that matter? Why should I be comparing myself to “some” when I should only be comparing myself to Christ’s example?

So, then I started thinking how other people have shown me love, and through the simplest of gestures. Just the other day a friend was walking by me, looked up and noticed I was sitting there, then just gave me a great big smile. The kind where you know that person is genuinely pleased to see you. Something that small made me instantly happier and I felt loved. Why can’t I do that more often for people? I want people to feel loved. I want the people I come in contact with to know they are really and truly loved, and not just by me.

I think everyone I’ve met has probably shaped me somewhat as a person. To varying degress of course, but they’ve still had an effect. So that means if I’ve talked to YOU at any point, then you HAVE had an effect on me, and I’ve become who I am because of it. Whether the ramifications from your influence were positive or negative, I hope you become just a little more aware of the impact your words and actions have on every single person you meet. I’m starting to realize how often I may effect others and how many opportunities I have to show love to people on a daily basis…I need to take advantage of that.

I hope what I’ve said makes some sense…I always feel like it doesn’t whenever I ramble about whatever I’m thinking. If I took the time then I’m sure I could have written this in a way to make my point much clearer, but I’m impatient, and I need to sleep now because I want to attempt to get up before 7 so I can ride my bike to Baldwin Park and maybe get a few pictures of the creepy houses and empty morning streets

Farewell for now.