Well, I’ve been told I should blog about this little story since others, as well as myself, found it pretty amusing. It’s much more fun to re-enact this in person, but I’ll do my best to put it down in words.

Ok, so Sarah was over this afternoon with her three year old son, Ethan. We had been sitting around chatting when the subject of clothes came up and I mentioned my new bathing suit. Being the girl that I am, I offered to put it on so Sarah could see it.

Now, during all of this, Ethan had been running around, yelling and playing with Buzz Lightyear, and roughhousing like most little boys do. However, the moment I stepped around the corner of the hallway wearing the bathing suit, he went silent. I’m assuming he’s gotten pretty used to seeing me covered up with pants and a shirt, because when he saw me in the suit, his eyes got very wide, he became perfectly still, and he started to shake slightly.

Sarah and I were about discuss my purchase when Ethan began to repeat “Ohhhh…..ohhhhh….ohhhhh”, in a quivering voice, while reaching out his hand towards me. He then began saying “Touch her leg…Mommy, I want to touch her leg!”, and so he started to giggle and pet my thigh.

Next, he began giving me the flirty eye and shyly told me he liked what I was wearing. By this time, my mother, Sarah, and I were all laughing hysterically, and we lost it even more when Ethan declared, “I want everyone to take their pants off!”.

And all of this from a little three year old.

Maybe you had to be there to appreciate the hilarity, but it was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen from a kid. I guess boys will be boys after all.