My mom and I went to a ginormous church rummage sale in Casselberry today. I saw this piece of linen made in Ireland and I liked it. Now it’s hanging on my wall.

I also saw this funky painting. It was kinda kitschy and cool in it’s own way, but I decided against the purchase…I’m kind of regretting it now (anyone else getting some faint Margaret Kilgallen vibes from it?).

All that was well and good, but the most interesting part of the sale was the creepy 35-ish y/o guy hovering around me while I was searching through boxes of books. He kept getting closer and closer then attempted to strike up a conversation. I wasn’t interested, and made it obvious, so he walked away. After a few minutes I looked up to try and find Mom so I could see if she had found anything good. I spotted her and as I was walking up I realized the SAME dude was doing the SAME thing to my Mom (anyone remember that very first episode of Gilmore Girls?). Apparently, he had made a beeline over to her as soon as I made my disinterest known. I walked over to her side and made sure to loudy say “Hi Mom!”. As soon as the words were spoken he practically ran in the opposite direction. Ahh, poor fellow. But really, who goes to church rummage sales to pick up chicks?

P.S. Last week I realized I had an old map, contact paper, and packing tape, so I made myself a new walllet.



inside (with a special see-through pocket for my ID)

pockets underneath the ID/credit card slots for business cards and such

money pocket

I think I might make another one with some art deco prints I have.