I just got an email from Lauren in LA (the events coordinator for GET:ART) to let me know “we recieved your information and the paintings and they are great…one is hung next to an enormous Hiro Yamagata painting and they complement each other beautifully”!!

That’s right, Hiro Yamagata, the world renowned Japanese artist! This guy has been around since the late 70’s, had exhibits everywhere, and his original paintings and serigraphs sell in the $1,000’s-$10,000’s (view some of his work here- Yamagata Index. Sky Cycles and Warhol Museum are a few of my favorites).

He’s actually an artist that specializes in laser installations (though he’s also famous for painting Mercedes cars) and for his newest work he’s creating a $9m exhibit called Bamyan Buddha using lasers powered by windmills and solar panels to project images of of the Bamiyan Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban onto a rockface near Bamiyan, Afghanistan (you can read a few articles about it here, Japanese artist to recreate Bamiyan statues with lasers or here, Artist plans Bamiyan laser show, ). Oh, and in 1988 he even made the official commemorative painting for the 100-year anniversary of the Eiffel Tower. How perfect is that?

So, to sum up this post, somehow two of my paintings got into an LA exhibit (on Sunset Blvd no less, which just sounds plain snazzy to me) and one of them has been put next to one of Hiro Yamagata’s paintings. That’s just crazy.

P.S. These are my two paintings that will be hanging on the walls at GET: ART tonight.