Had a great time at the superbowl party at Tim’s place last night. Not only was the house HUGE, but there’s also a spiral staircase leading from the upper level to the bottom porch! Andrew’s girlfriend and I were very ethralled as it reminded both of us of old libraries with antique books and fireplaces (like the big one in Beauty and the Beast. I drool over that library).

So Tim and I went down the snazzy stairs to the back porch where he’s set up a work table for making glass beads. He was even nice enough to put on his funky lavender safety glasses and show me how it’s done:

a torch + melting glass = very cool

I wasn’t in the mood to watch football, so I grabbed my camera and had a little modeling session with Joan on the upper porch (I’d finally convinced her to join the masses and get a MySpace account so we decided we’d have to take some pictures of her for it). She’s 26, and a very prim and proper british gal, but we both acted like giggly 13 years olds the entire evening. An hour and about 10,000 pictures later Joan and I moved back downstairs and (while he was occupied upstairs) attacked Tim’s bedroom walls with chalk (they have special chalk paint on them. Don’t worry, I’m not that mean). A few of our doodles:

After the game several of us went into the freezing backyard and Tim chopped up his family’s old christmas tree for a fire. Because my camera is old, partially broken, and on deaths door, most of the pictures didn’t turn out.

By the time Rob, Joan, Tim and I went back inside everyone else had left, so we just hung around for a bit and looked through the bookshelves in Tim’s room. I have to say, he has a pretty good collection of stuff. Books on drawing, architecture, glass making, and every other artsy thing out there, PLUS the complete collection of Calvin & Hobbes.

Fun stuff and fun people, but it was getting late, so Rob, Joan, and I finally ventured out into the pitch blackness to find our cars….and I managed to make it home without getting lost. Yay 🙂