A few things worth mentioning because they were hilarious.

1. Friday dinner with Keith and laughing so hard that I cried over the music being played at Litte Saigon. It was seriously like a western opera….in a Vietnamese restaurant. I pictured horses looking longingly into the distance, gazing at pastures they’d never be able to reach. That is until the trusty ranch hound devised a scheme with the barn hens to break the horses out and let them roam free.

2. Cathy talking with us after dinner and saying “Oh, your sister Jessica is so pretty…she’s just beautiful….she’s so pretty in her jeans.”

3. Keith and I driving by a street corner where a young guy in a blazer and jeans was walking on a wall, then instead of just stepping down he did this giddy lit hop onto the sidewalk. From that simple action Keith and I formed a whole history and character of what this guy must be like. I then developed a crush on our fictional man and convinced myself he must have been my soulmate.

and that’s the news for now.