i have no idea what this year holds for me but i have a feeling many changes are in store. hopefully good ones will outweigh the not so good. to be very vague, the past 12 months have certainly had their fill of adventures, surprises, and confusion for me, so who knows whats next….

since i haven’t updated in quite awhile, and it would take forever to write something detailed, I will summarize.

– finally got all my christmas shopping done on the 23rd

– christmas eve was full of food, friends, and freezing in the back of a truck to look at christmas lights:

– thank you thank you thank you to joshua mahn for the little book and completely lovely note for christmas! i owe you a big fat handwritten letter. i’ve also been keeping my eye out for plath books for you 🙂

– new years eve we had a little get together. fancy dinner, everyone in their pajamas, followed by two hours of dancing, walking barefoot around the block and discovering the pain of stepping on acorns, then we set off some fireworks to end the evening.

– this week: on monday i was at a little farewell dinner for jose who left for california, did a bit of thrift store shopping tuesday, watched the big game with dad last night (yes, i’ve actually been sucked into football), had tea with dar this morning, and tomorrow I’ll be hopping on the train to visit my boys in tampa! (aka chilling with keith and justin in brandon for the weekend) i’m actually looking forward to the ride over. there’s something very thereputic about listening to music on my headphones and watching the scenery go by for a few hours.

– next week i hope to dive back into lots of artwork. maybe in tampa i’ll be able to check out some exhibits and get some ideas as i only have a few little ones floating around so far….we’ll see….

p.s. and just because i like the way they look – my pretty morning pills (vitamins a-plenty)