well, i’ve been told by a certain someone that the last post i wrote was depressing, and it wasn’t meant to be. i will in fact still be writing here, just probably not as often as i normally do. but hey, i’m fickle, so who knows.

last sunday morning someone broke our window while we were all in our rooms. maybe a pellet or bb gun? we don’t know. a bit unsettling, but at least it looked cool.

last night i went over to have dinner with jose, his parents, and john. cathy made an amazing vegetarian curry (and sent me home with leftovers. mmmm…) and she even hung a stocking for me on the fireplace! how sweet is that??

my uncle kenny spent the night last night so i’ve skipped church this morning to hang out with the family. coffee, tea, bagels, and lots of laughing make for a good sunday morning. no idea whats going on later today but i better get going. hopefully i’ll have some more pictures to post this week….