i had written up a post and then the computer ate it. basically, i haven’t had any desire to post here and instead have taken to writing in the little journal next to my bed. i guess i’ve gotten to the point where i don’t particularly feel like sharing everything that’s going on with everyone that happens to read this.

for now, just a few random things:

– i’ve done absolutely no christmas shopping
– i ‘ve realized i really need to get some new heels
– i’ve had a cold for about two weeks
– i’m in the mood to mock late night television
– i woke up to find our christmas tree taken apart and put on the back porch. i guess we’re allergic to it. now we have no christmas tree and it is very very sad.

anyway, i’ll try to post some pictures and things now and then, but at the moment i can’t say how frequent those updates will be. there’s always email if anyone wants to keep in touch 🙂

p.s. happy birthday jose!