Listening to: Baby – Rufus Wainright
Reading: my (paper) journal
Thinking: about dismemebered kittens and educational boobies (explained below)

A lovely lovely Sunday with friends. Had lunch at Sam and Nelly’s with Stan, Pat, and Joan after church, a quick nap at home, then off for chapel and…..HARRY POTTER!!! I got Robert, Ben, Tim, and Joan to go to Oveido with me and see the new movie. I won’t give anything away, I’ll just say that it was amazing and by far the best and scariest one yet.

Monday was pretty mellow until I went to Trent and Ali’s for dinner and to continue our study on fulfilled prohesies. Robert, Tim, and I all left at the same time and ended up talking out in the driveway for half an hour or so, during which time the temperature plummeted to at least the low 60’s which, for me and floridians in general, is absolutely freezing.

Yesteday was a bit of a bad day, but I went to sleep early, got ELEVEN hours of rest, and (hopefully) today will be great. I need to start cooking up a storm for tomorrow but this morning I had a nice visit with Dar and then a chat online with Keith.

And this is one of the many reasons why I love talking with Keith (I was going to say “a few excerpts from our chat” but I HATE that there’s a P in excerpt. And now I’m typing it anyway. Oh well):

keith: I love that the song “hung up” has the line “Don’t cry for me…” in it
keith: it’s like an inside joke
keith: Have you heard the song Tubthumper?
me: by chubawamba..or something
keith: yeah…I love the line in that “Don’t cry for me, next door neighbor”
keith: I guess I always find the words “Don’t cry for me” giggle inducing…
me: lol why?
keith: it’s so incredibly conceited
me: ahh
keith: you’re telling someone not to cry, expecting that they care about your problem
keith: so you’re assuming that your problems are big enough that everyone should care about them, but then you’re saying “no, I’m going to tell you how to process this”
keith: maybe I’m reading into this too far…LOL
me: lol maybe so…but still giggle inducing
keith: Long story short: I think it’s like someone running into a crowd, yelling “Dismembered Kittens! Don’t cry!” and leaving
me: LOL
me: ok. that’s our new slogan

and later…

keith: lol, you know what I thought of this morning?
keith: that commercial that says “Robots will attack you and eat your medication for fuel”
keith: “you won’t be able to fight back, because everyone knows that robots are made of metal”
me: LOL as the giant metal robot throws a bottle of pills into his face
keith: YES! I love the pill throwing
keith: like cookie monster…none of it hits the mouth exactly
keith: I used to be really disturbed that cookie monster COULD NOT swallow
me: really?
keith: it was never a problem that none of the other characters had throats, because you never saw them eat
keith: yes!
keith: Cookie monster had no throat
keith: I used to think “He’s eating a lot, but getting nothing out of it”
me: i guess i was too in a way. i knew he was a puppet and found it weird that he was obsessed with cookies, even when he actually couldn’t eat them
keith: yes! that’s exactly the feeling!
keith: it’s a weird place to be to think the make-believe is real, but also realize that it’s not
keith: I almost felt sad each time I watched it
keith: so futile
keith: LOL
keith: I need help
me: i hated watching all the cookies just crumble out the sides of his mouth
keith: YES!
keith: such a waste
me: i always wondered who had to clean up the mess
me: we are so weird
keith: YES!!!
keith: that, and I hated the Count
me: count was scary
keith: because he once put a spell on Ernie
keith: and, since I didn’t realize that time was not linear in the Sesame Street world, I thought he never took off the spell
me: count just seems like the pedophile of sesame street
keith: lol
keith: Bert and Ernie made me gay
me: lol
keith: j/k
keith: Big Bird made me tall
me: that’s who i have to blame! it’s all big birds fault
keith: Well, now we don’t have to worry about Cookie Monster
keith: he has done that press conference where he stated that cookies are a “sometimes food”
me: yeah, if sometimes means EVERYDAY! woohoo!!
keith: and that he’ll eat more fruit, vegetables, and healthy protiens
keith: I’m serious about the press conference
me: that’s just odd
keith: LOL — Cookies everyday!
keith: yeah, it was a government sponsored thing
me: cookie monster shouldn’t do conferences…he’s a cookie monster
keith: to encourage healthy eating patterns
keith: yes!
keith: apparently, kids are fat in america because of a blue puppet who kinda eats cookies
keith: No wonder countries like France scratch their heads when they think of us
me: lol
keith: of course, their children’s shows are probably topless
keith: so they can’t say anything
me: nudity vs. the monster not really eating the somtimes food….hmm
me: its a toss up
keith: Educational boobies!
me: LOL!!
me: i love it
keith: wow, two in one conversation
keith: dismemebered kittens and educational boobies
keith: don’t cry!