at the moment i am sitting on my bed in pajama shorts and my superman t-shirt eating a gigantic salad while “run” by air plays on repeat. i can’t believe it’s 6:30 already. the day ended up dwindling away quickly while i did laundry and lounged around watching harry potter dvd’s (and, i admit, taking pictures of myself while i played with the timer on my camera).

this is the first weekend in a long time that i didn’t have any plans or end up going out somewhere, and it was actually really really great. i like jumping onto my bed, surrounded by a pile of books, and spending a few hours just reading, sketching, and looking at different artwork online. having a cup of coffee and some chocolate covered almond biscotti helps too.

you know, it’s nearly thanksgiving…how did that happen? i’d have to say it’s one of my very favorite holidays. every year the day starts out with coffee and pecan danish while we (or just me) watch the macy’s parade on tv. the scenes acted out from broadway plays is really the best part though. you can only see snoopy balloons and fat santa in his sleigh so many times before it’s old hat.

by the time the parade is over it’s nearly time to start eating again. we’ve been having thanksgiving at mark and dar’s house for years now and we’ll be going over there about 1 o’clock, along with 20-30 other people (which is actually a small group this year). we’ll stuff ourselves silly all day long, talk for hours, play games (but no jenga this time…please), and a few of us (meaning my family and keiths) will stay up watching a movie or two until we all start falling asleep.

this year i’ve been given the honor of picking the movies and games and i have yet to decide on anything. any suggestions?

by the way, i used parentheses a LOT.

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