there are midnight showings of harry potter at the theater tonight and i won’t be there! what a sad sad thing. jess and keith – we have to go see it ASAP!

it seems i haven’t been posting much lately but i just haven’t felt like it. i’m such a moody blogger. i’ve actually had a pretty nice week though. (last week was good too. thinking back now it seems i had dinner with different people every night of the week, which is always oodles of fun)

saturday jose and i wandered around winter park village, downtown disney, and blockbuster, where they wouldn’t let me use my card because it still comes up as a stolen account (long story), so we skipped renting a movie and just watched jose’s copy of Collateral instead (which was good from what i saw except that i fell asleep somewhere along the way and i’m pretty sure i missed something fairly substantial).

sunday afternoon i went over the irvins (along with at least 20 other people – including jess who was in town for a few days) for drew’s 20th birthday. i love big lunches with old (and new) friends. i also really love mashed potatoes and chocolate cake. at one point near the end of lunch i looked up to see that nick had brought one of his old shirts for drew and i loudy exclaimed that it was awesome and i wanted it. so i am now the prowd owner of a superman t-shirt and can pretenad to fly around in my room…or anywhere really.

monday and tuesday are a blur but i do remember that yesterday wasn’t such a great day. i hate waking up in the morning and feeling like i haven’t slept a wink, then being unexplainably tired ALL day. maybe that’s what happened on monday and tuesday? my memory has been horrible lately and i don’t feel like trying to remember (ok, i DO remember now but i don’t want to type it all out. basically just a really fun monday night dinner with friends and chilling with lisa and jess on tuesday). anyway, yesterday i did a little work, tried to ignore the icky feeling, then saw my temp had jumped from my now “normal” 100 degrees up a bit to 101.1 so i decided to collapse in bed for a few hours. and that was about as exciting as yesterday got.

today was to be, as tim called it, “seduction of the movers” day, but it didn’t happen. a few days ago i had already decided that the whole idea made me feel skanky so i was just going to go in my usual clothes and messy hair to help out. then i wasn’t needed at all because the movers won’t be there for another day…so yeah…i don’t think i’ll be going then.

instead of strutting around for old mover men today i joined dar and mom in rolling grape leaves for thanksgiving next week (make ahead of time then freeze), then i made some soup for lunch, and because i’m a maniac once i get started cooking, i decided to make biscotti for the first time. it turned out pretty damn good if i do say so myself. which i am.

around 1 o’clock i got pretty tired and sat down for a bit to work on making a few cd’s. rachel asked me awhile back to burn two cd’s (one upbeat, one mellow) for her to play while she’s giving birth. needless to say, this is quite a pressure filled task for me. this music will be the first the kid hears in her LIFE. do i go with mainstream coldplay? rufus wainwright? maybe throw in some shins, eels, inara georage, and dear old imogen? there are just… it may take another day or two to complete.

and tomorrow i’m hoping to finally be alive enough to paint for a few hours as i’ve had a couple ideas bouncing around in my head the past several days. we’ll see what happens.

and now, sleep.

p.s. i’ve come to realize i’m one of those people that thinks of the perfect thing to say ten minutes after it would have been the perfect time to say it. curses!