despite the fact that my temperature is still hovering around 100 for the fifth straight month (bloodwork came back fine though) i’m actually having a good week so far.

my parents got back home last night after a 6 day trip up north to visit family in KY and PA. i have to say, i didn’t really miss them, but i did miss not having anyone around the house during the day while i worked. luckily, i wasn’t actually by myself much this past week since jose watched movies and stayed on the couch a few nights, i had dinner with him and his parents and stayed the night there once, and then i spent the entire weekend with keith and justin at mark and dars house (now that i think about it i only slept at home once by myself). i know some people just LOVE to be alone all the time, but i’m not one of those people. of course i like time to myself every now and then, but all day and night in a house alone can drive me crazy.

i’ve been able to spend some time with mom today but haven’t seen much of dad since he leaves for work at an ungodly hour every morning. they got in last night while i was at trent & ali’s for our usual monday night dinner with joan, robert, ben, and tim. our study on fufilled prohesies quickly dissolved at the end into conversation about drunk waiters at denny’s and the joys of playing Prince of Persia and Commander Keen so trent found a flash version of both online . here’s one for Commander Keen if you’re a fan –

this morning lisa stopped by for our weekly hour chat before she goes to the ladies bible study at the chapel. she filled me in on the horros of vertigo and i’m counting my lucky stars that i’ve never experienced it. this afternoon gram and dick (my step-grandfather) stopped by since they’ll be staying here a few days while they move into their new house. mom and gram talked about Pennsylvania while dick told me about his days as an engineer.

things i learned from him today:
– he worked with Kodak on top-secret spy satellites (known by the names Pioneer, Samos, Century, or New Horizons)
– he went to Dayton, OH to fly in a KC 135 (military version of a Boeing 707) which is the plane the astronauts go in to experince weightlessness
– he worked with Grumman on the Lunar Excerusion Module (or better known to me as “that cool looking space thingy that landed on the moon”)
– he went to the NORAD facility in Colorado Springs and watched the exercises performed there with General Laurence S. Kuter and Lieutenant General Robert M. Lee.

i don’t alway understand or remember everything he says but it’s still interesting. gram and dick have gone out for awhile but i may try talking some more with him about it all later. you never really know what stories people have until you ask.

so now i need to get busy with some painting and hanging up artwork on the walls so it feels more like my room. ever since cleaning it out it’s seemed a bit bare and hasn’t quite felt like “me”. i’m working on it though. next up: new bedding and curtains. hurrah!

p.s. somtimes i capitalize and sometimes i don’t. it’s starting to annoy me but i don’t have the patience to go through and fix everything.