ok, a run down on the latest happenings.

friday night i went to the mall with jose to see The Weather Man but convinced him to see Stay instead. i had seen a preview for it that made it look great but the actual movie wasn’t. i really didn’t think it was that bad (mosty just artsy and made no sense most of the time) but he wanted to leave half way through and i made us stay because i HAVE to see the end of a movie in the theater or i’ll go crazy. so we stayed, and it really wasn’t worth it. and now i’m not allowed to choose any of the next three movies 😦

i spent saturday cleaning then went over to jose’s house to have dinner with him, his parents, and his friend john (jose’s mom even made me a special veg-friendly dish). after eating we attempted to see Mars with their telescope but could only make out a little colorful blurry dot. oh well.

sunday i was exhausted for no reason and stayed in bed nearly all day. and that was sunday.

today ray and jess got back from their vacation and stopped by for awhile to pick up their cat and have lunch with us. we also showed them our newly stained front doors that are still laying out in the back yard while we try to air out the awfwul smell before we put them back up. it’s been kind of odd not having front doors for two days. at night we’ve just been hanging up a sheet behind the screen door and hoping no one can tell. i don’t know if that’s actually working.

at the moment i’m playing with glow sticks and making myself sick on candy while i sit on the front porch with my laptop waiting for trick-or-treaters to show up. and i was just referred to as “the lady with the computer” by some neighborhood girls passing by. kids are calling me “lady” now? (cool. some kid dressed as a ninja just stopped by and informed me he’s 10 and is already a black belt that teaches)

a few links:

i’ve found some amazing photos on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35451365@N00/favorites/

was playing around the other night and took a new picture for the mirror project: http://www.mirrorproject.com/mirror/recent/?id=31252

a few pictures:

the antique light i bought off ebay 5 years ago. i finally have it hanging in my room and i adore it
(this is actually the bottom of it)

dad and mom