ok. pictures of the hair coloring process with keith (my hair stylist) and justin (my photographer) in brandon last weekend.

last picture of the pink hair. oh so sad….

on with the color (a brand called “Mega Browns!”. ew.)

rinsing, and the moment of truth……

it turned my hair the color of grape jelly 😦

so i lived with the purple hair for the night and the next day we used some stuff called Color Zap to lift the brown (plus some of the pink) from my hair. sadly we ran out of the stuff half way through so i had “icky purple-sewer brown-yellow blonde-cotton candy pink” hair for a bit while justin ran out to Sally’s for more Color Zap.

at last we put on a different brown dye that worked and the job was done. my hair was fried and i freaked out when a ton of it fell out but i’ve been conditioning it like crazy and it’s not so bad anymore.

aaaaand, my brown hair as of yesterday.