yesterday was a long day. a good one, just very long with work that had to be done, dinner and bible study at trent and ali’s, and then over to jose’s for tea, lounging in front of the tv, and talking until early in the morning. i tried to get some sleep in the guest room but i ended up just laying there for a few hours being anxious about today with just a few minutes of dozing thrown in there somewhere.

today was my visit to the doctor. there was really no reason at all to be worried about going to get blood drawn but of course i was. they’re going to test for a million diffrent things and i should start getting some results back tomorrow or the next day. lets hope they figure out what’s going on. i’m sick of being tired and not feeling like my normal self.

i’m sleepy and not in much of a mood to write more. i’ll just post pictures of two new bracelets.