– my headphones are broken so while i listen to itunes on my computer i’m having to wedge the tv remote under the plug in order to bend whatever wires are in there so they connect just right to produce sound.

– i saw a woman in the store the other day with the cutest haricut! i asked her where she got it done and apparently it was the same place i went to a few years ago. you know, that one time i asked for a cut and had a picture of this awesome semi-short pixie-ish but not boyish style i wanted. the stylist glanced at it then proceeded to buzz the back of my head, chop the rest to just one inch long, then slicked it back so i look like a man…i don’t care how cute that other chicks hair was, i’m not going back.

– i’ve scheduled a doctors appointment for tuesday. hopefully they can tell me what’s going on.

– today i found out from jessica that an old friend from church (who moved away so i haven’t seen her in ages) now has a soft-core porn site. of course i checked it out. that was a bit surreal. no, i’m not posting a link to it.

– i’ve finally gotten a bit of an appetite back and last night i was soooo craving a chocolate chip muffin. i went out to publix and roamed the bakery for a good 10 minutes. i eventually found some dodgy looking muffins but decided i wasn’t that desperate. there weren’t even any cupcakes or little pastries. all they had were cookies and flan or something. i checked for frozen desserts but to no avail. i decided to check out some buffet i hadn’t even noticed was in the plaza before and see what kind of sweets they offered. i walked in and was directed to the very end of the buffet table where some cakes were spread out under the awful yellow light bulbs. each cake looked like it had been sitting there all day, they were crumbling and falling apart, none of them were labeled so they were essentially just giant piles of different colored mysterious sugary blobs in my eyes, plus, the whole place smelled like old pot roast. i went home and dipped vegan marshmallows in chocolate and coconut instead.

– also, i don’t care what jose says, i still want to see Capote! :p

and i almost forgot! my new bracelet for sale here