Monday 10/03

The day started off with another visit to Stanford, breakfast at Denny’s, then a really nice drive south to Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Only three photos to post from the afternoon though.

(some smaller pictues this time)

We had to leave the park around 2pm so Jose could meet up with someone at 4 (his old boss from the NASA Ames Research Center I think?) Well, he didn’t actually meet up until 5 but while he was gone I amused myself by jumping back and forth on the beds, watching tv, and writing in my journal. He was only gone about an hour and then we spent our last night just relaxing, flipping through tv channels, then more pillow fighting, and eventually packed up all our stuff.

Our room:

Tuesday 10/04

The full details of this day would take a long time to write. I know this because I still haven’t finished writing about it in my “real” journal. I’ll just recap with: we left for the airport at 8am, Jose finally made it through security, he caught his flight, I finally got on my plane, made it to Dallas and was there all of 20 minutes, hopped on my flight to Orlando, met up with Jose and his dad at the airport, then got dropped off at home around 11:30pm and that was the end of my first trip to California.

our pretty rental car (i now want a kia sorento)

my last view of San Francisco

everyone else getting to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the plane (because of the fog I never got to see it when we were there but I did catch a glimpse of it from across the aisle)

leaving the dallas airport and heading home

and there you have it.