so, the past few days haven’t been so great for me. i’ve been a bit of a mess about some things, especially this morning, but i’ve decided to do my best to not worry so much. i get so worked up about doing the wrong thing that i just get paralyzed and do absolutey nothing instead. i get an anxiousness that i just can’t explain or get rid of, even though i know in my head there’s nothing i have to be anxious about. i think part of it must be hereditary. it has to be. there must be some sort of “worry gene” built into me.

bible study was cancelled tonight so i’m visiting with mark and dar right now and mooching off their interent since ours hasn’t been working lately. i haven’t been so great health-wise either so i’ve talked to dar about a remedy and i think i’ll have to make an appointment with the doctor soon. i won’t go into all the symptoms but a big one is that since i had the flu in may/june i haven’t been able to get rid of my high temperature for some reason.

like i said, i’m just a mess, but i think i’ll be ok.

i still have a few more pictures from my trip. i’ll try to get them posted soon.