Saturday 10/01

I had two requests for the day; that we walk through Chinatown and go to The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. So we took BART downtown again and did just that.

Chinatown was like I thought it would be only times ten. The sidewalks were packed and people were pushy, everything smelled (some good smells but most were awful), and I was not a fan of the big hanging squids, ducks, and other dead things displayed in about half the windows. The squid freaked me out the most. They looked….rubbery. Bleh. That makes it sound like I didn’t really like Chinatown, but I did. There were so many things to look at everywhere I turned…I wish we had someplace like that here. I don’t think our Little Vietnam in Colonial Town counts.

(picture from

Since Jose got sick last time he ate in Chinatown we went on a quest to find IHOP. About two miles later we finally found it. We walked over the Fisherman’s Wharf again afterwards and checked out the many sea lions. Japanese tourists asked to take a picture with me so I stood awkwardly and smiled for them. Next up we walked some more and spent the next hour or so looking for the museum. It wasn’t quite as amazing as I had hoped but I’m still glad I got to go. The sections dedicated to bent hangers, child-like scribbles on torn notebook paper, and bland uninteresting photos of trees and dirt roads were unimpressive, but it was great getting to see some Picasso’s, Lichtenstein’s, a Warhol, and this Rauschenberg in person (there were also a few different artists I discovered but I forgot to write down thier names so I’ve already forgotton them).

A few pictures from the day…

Downtown San Francisco. Was sitting on a bench while we tried to figure out where the museum was and I looked up.


and just one from the plane window on my way there

P.S. Things to do in the near future:

Go see Capote at the theater.

Visit the Beautiful Losers Exhibit in Tampa

Check out Bodies…The Exhibition at The Museum of Science and Industry