back home once again.

one thing about not blogging for awhile is that dozens of little stories pile up until there’s so much i want to write about that half of it i forget and then the other half is still so overwhelming to me that i just skip everything i was going journal about in the first place and give up on trying to type anything (hmm, that was a really long sentence).

i sort of feel like that right now but i’ll attempt to cover the past several days. pardon what i’m sure will be many spelling and punctution errors.

thursday 9/29

woke up at 5am to shower and finish packing. i always have that horrid feeling that i’ve forgotten to pack something i’ll really really need and then i end up taking things i’ve never even used before. thankfully, over the years i’ve realized i don’t actually need seven different books and my entire wardrobe of clothes for every season, so i was able to fit everything in one piece of luggage plus my carry-on bag.

my flight was scheduled for 9am but, being the odd paranoid girl that i am, i imagined an array of obstacles arising that would delay me in getting on that flight. so i arrived at 7. i waited an entire 15 minutes in line to check my bag, young mister smiley man offered to change my seat from the last row to the second, security was a breeze, i caught the first shuttle to my terminal, ran to the ladies room, and was at my gate by 7:25. yes indeed. look at all those obstacles.

i had a book and an almond croissant to keep me happy and in no time at all they were boarding the plane. i got the window seat i requested and i didn’t even have anyone sitting right next to me. the airport in denver (which looks like a giant circus tent) was packed but the layover was quick, and i even managed to sleep a little on the way to the san francisco airport, which i arrived at a full thirty minutes early.

this was my first time traveling alone so of course i thought that i’d get lost and not be able to find my way to where i needed to be. amazingly enough i manged to follow the big signs with large arrows pointing the way to baggage claim, the airtrain, and the hertz rental counter (where jose and i had agreed to meet). i sat and waited for about an hour until jose showed up and we hopped in our pretty silver kia sorento and headed towards our hotel in mountain view. for dinner we ate at a thai restaurant then walked around downtown mountain view. i stopped in an over-priced beadstore (where they wanted $11 for a button) then we browsed through a used bookstore and i lusted over a book full of dale chihuly glass pictures. i was pretty tired by then so things are a bit fuzzy but i’m pretty sure we just went back the hotel after that and watched tv.

man. i’ve only covered one day so far. this might take awhile.

i’m sleepy. more later (and yes, there will be pictures).