well, i made it back home safe and sound yesterday. it wasn’t until the train was leaving the tampa station that i realized i had bought a ticket to orlando and not winter park. not a huge deal but i silently panicked for a few minutes.

i found afternoon trains are much busier than morning ones. i had to sit next to a very large woman from new york who smelled like cough drops. she fell asleep in her chair and started snoring loudly a few minutes into the ride, relaxing as she slept and spilling over into my chair. her hand kept rolling into my leg and everytime i tried scooting away just a little but more her hand would just roll that much more with me. every 10 minutes she would wake herself slightly with a horrid phlegmy cough then start snoring again. i nearly laughed out loud when the only thing that fully woke her up was the announcement about the early bird specials in the dining car (it was turkey or salisbury steak for those dying to know). it felt like a skit out of a b-movie.

also….i’m flying out to san francisco thursday morning and won’t be back until late tuesday evening. insane!

a completely last minute trip i hadn’t expected but i’m totally excited about it now. jose called me from england yesterday to let me know he passed the exam and to see if i wanted to meet up with him in san fran before he goes back to orlando.

buying the tickets online turned into a crazy event for me but i finally got them. now i just have to make sure to get everywhere on time and catch connecting flights (matt – i was SO close to getting a flight with a 3 hour layover in pheonix! another trip for another time i guess).

ok, time for gilmore girls