had thai food for lunch with keith yesterday and he took me to see his office. since i had brought some beads and things along we worked side by side at his desk for awhile. it felt like when i was little and would go in with dad for “bring you daughter to work” day. i didn’t meet anyone new that he worked with but braden stopped by and said hi.

justin came to pick me up and i showed him how to play sudoku back at the apartment. jose called to say goodbye since he’s flying to england today and wont be back for about a week and a half. then keith called to say to meet him and his work friends at “quench bartini”. the rest of the night went something like this (and this is the short version, believe it or not) :

– stepped out of the car and immediately got yelled at by a passing suv. a girl with a high pitch scream letting me know “ILOVEYOURPINKHAAAAAAIIRR!”

– walked into the extremely dark and loud club/bar (which is it?) and met about 10-15 people i didn’t know. there were two other girls there which was nice. lee was a little asian woman who gave me a hug when we were introduced, and amy knew sign language and would sign while we talked. i liked them both right away.

– i honestly hadn’t remembered that pink hair would be unusual (after you have it awhile you just sort of forget about it now and then) but that was the first thing mentioned whenever someone talked to me. it turns out to be a pretty nice icebreaker.

– braden had bought a carbonating device so he could carbonate vodka. it was…interesting. but they set the machine down right in front of me and i felt like it was going to blow up and impale me.


the rest of this post is on my livejournal in a friends-only entry. i just like it that way since i don’t know who all reads this.

p.s. realization of the day: it is 10 times easier to talk to complete strangers if you’re in a darkly lit room with loud music and cosmopolitans