friday night jose and i took keith to tampa then brought jessica back to orlando with us so she could get rid of some of her junk in our family garage sale. i’ve been doing my part by going through all of my things trying to weed out the stuff i don’t really need.

while going through what i call my “special boxes” (aka rubbermaid bins filled with sentimental items from the past two decades) i came across my blanky called Nightgown and my stuffed doll Chester. i still remember when i was about 4 or 5 and praying that God would let me take my blanky to heaven beacuse i just didn’t see how i could be happy there with out it. i also rediscovered a vast amount of rose-covered decorations from 10 years ago. rose picture frames, rose towels, rose photos, rose faux-stained glass that used to hang on my bedroom window, and part of the list of my 180 favorite types of roses. i was a bit obsessed. maybe that’s why i don’t care as much for the roses bouquets at the store any more (i’ve decided red ginger, palm leaves, and birds of paradise make the best mixes).

it’s 1 o’clock and we’re finally closing up the garage sale. there’ve been some interesting characters stopping by. an older mexican man bought our hair crimper from the early 90’s (why did we EVER use that?). another man asked if people called me pinky tuscadero, and yet another guy commented that he hadn’t seen anyone with my hair since he was in San Francisco. a woman asked if i was at the surfers convention yesterday because apparently there was some group of a dozen or so people with pink wigs. she sells jewelry and handbags in an ebay store and we griped together about the greediness of ebay and their horrible escalating fees. there were many other little encounters and conversations but i’m hot and sticky and gross from sitting in the heat.

ick. must go shower.