– i’ve become obsessed with reading about those sixteen Myers-Brigg personality types. especially the ones that i know match people who’ve taken the test. the portraits are frighteningly accurate and almost make it feel like i shouldn’t be reading them….like peaking into someones diary. the website tells you what kind of person, friend, lover, and parent they are. like i said…i’m kind of obssessed with reading about them.

(*edit*: thanks to gram and katie for letting me know their types. if anyone else knows what they are just tell me in the comments so i can read about you :p)

– i watched emmie and micah last night while trent and allison went out. i discovered the secret to getting micah to stop screaming; nick drake – pink moon

– i like that i can make jounral entries on my livejournal that are only accessible to those on my friends list

– kim and i won all three games of Scene It this evening

– i’ve been drinking a lot of earl grey tea lately

– i’ve had two dreams this week about leading a blind person

– i’m really liking the song inoculate the innocuous by unicorns