The weekend was busy and I haven’t been in the mood to write about it because the idea has simply been overwhelming. A lot happened. I had fun. The end.

I guess I can be little more specific. Actually, a lot more specific. This could get lengthy…

(I dont’ expect people to read through all of this. Honestly, while it can be fun having people read my journal, I write it mainly for myself so when I’m older I can look back and see what I was up to)

Ok, onwards.

Friday night – Went to see Mark, Dar, Keith, Justin, and Jose. Keith bleached and dyed my hair out on the porch while everyone watched and we read What Type Am I? : The Myers-Brigg Type Indication Made Easy to see what types we are. I’m an ENFP (I find it funny that this portrait of an ENFP lists only postive things. Kinda nice actually..).

After Mark and Dar went to bed Justin played WoW and Keith showed me and Jose a few episodes of Wonderfalls. It was….different. But amusing. Keith went to sleep afterwards and Jose and I stayed the night. Somehow we were up until 5…then woke up at 8. It threw the next day off quite a bit. I think one of the highlights of the night/morning had to be when Justin walked through the living room around 6am and almost fell over Jose. I laughed at least.

Saturday – Woke up and found Justin had drank too much caffiene the night before so was still playing WoW. Jose drove me home but when I got there I was locked out. I left my keys in Tampa (which sounds like a bastardized version of “I left my Heart in San Francisco”) and there were no windows or doors unlocked so Jose taxied me back to Dar’s and I ate breakfast then went back to bed. Woke up at 1pm and before I knew it it was already 4 so Keith and Mark drove me back home where I showered of my griminess and got ready for company.

That night was the party, which I would rather call “a gathering of friends”, since “party” just wouldn’t fit the vibe of the evening. I had a really nice time, it just wasn’t quite what I expected, and the best part was after everyone had left and Keith and I drank soda in my room and talked until 3. I’m a fan of late night 1-on-1 chats.

Sunday – There was no way I was getting to church for the 9:30 service but I manged to make it there for the 11 o’clock. I felt icky when it was over and went straight home to bed but woke up in time for evening service at the chapel. I got a MAJOR craving for those soft little chocolate chip cookies they sell at the bakery in Publix so I bought a box and took it over to Mark and Dar’s where I had dinner with them and Keith and Justin. Keith fell alseep on the couch while we all chatted and I ended up taking a little nap too, then Mark and Dar went to sleep, Justin played more WoW, and I read more about different personalities in the Myers-Briggs book from the other night. I thought Keith would wake up and we could do something but he seemed to be in a pretty deep sleep. I gave up hope around 1am and drove home. I had been tired when I left Dar’s but the drive woke me up so I signed onto AIM and got a instant message from Keith right away.

As I had a feeling would happen, he had woken up right after I left. We decided the night was still young so we went out to eat at the IHOP on Mills. It was packed but that sometimes makes it more interesting. Our waiter was actually pretty cool, despite the fact that he didn’t get Keiths order just right adter being told three times. His name was Mehdi and he looked you in the eyes when he talked. We had an eavesdropper and somewhat chatty man sitting next to us and two creepy guys sitting at the table across from me, but they were easy enough to ignore. By the time I had finshed my tea and home fries it was 3am and the clubs had let out another flood of people. It was nice to be able to leave as the loud crowd arrived.

Monday – Pool party, sans pool for me. Talked with many people, then played Life for several hours. There’s no such thing as a short game of Life. I was losing the entire time but gambling on the game helped and I took a few pictures.

At 5 a group of us headed to Trent and Ali’s to watch The Italian Job and have pizza. Everyone left right afterwards around 8/9pm but I ended up having tea and looking up cool/beautiful/scary/odd/disturbing things online with Trent and Ali until 1. Another late night, but a good one.

And my fingers don’t want to type any more just now, so good day.