Tuesday – After two months I finally got to see Katie again. Had a nice afternoon seeing Red Eye (good, but not fantastic), getting a slice of pizza in Winter Park (Jess, you’ll be happy to hear I used “the power” to get us things), then went home for tea and chatting.

Wednesday – Helped watch Sammy and Gregory then did some things around the house. Jose and his friend John picked me up that night for a trip to Wal-Mart then Jose and I went to Steak & Shake. Just 1/4 a milkshake = upset tummy. Ouchy. No more of that.

Thursday – Sarah and little Ethan came over for the day. Attempted to do some work amidst the fun distractions (cupcakes and coffee?! I’m all about that.) but only got a few things done. Ended up watching horrific images on the news all evening.

Today – Laundry, painting, and then Keith and Justin are coming into Orlando for the weekend! Which means I’ll probably be getting my hair re-bleached and dyed tonight. Ahhh, sweetness

Saturday – We’re having a party tomorrow night. If you read this journal and are over 21, you’re invited. Give me a call or shoot me an email for details. We’re interested in seeing how many people might show up.

Aaaaand that’s the news for now.