This whole thing made me laugh until I almost peed on myself, so I figured I’d write about it,

Matt and I were chatting about glamour photos today. We agreed that they’re almost always guaranteed to have boas, big hair, vacant smiles, and a hand grasping the collar of a denim or sequined jacket. We each decided to attempt our own version of an extremely tacky glamour shot. I’m going to post part of the converstaion which led to the photos, which are also below. Enjoy.

Junglebuttons2: see – they allll hold their collars
Megan Welch: yiiiiiikes
Junglebuttons2: and what is with that HAIR?!
Megan Welch: sequin overload
Junglebuttons2: her earrings are sequin.
Megan Welch: and no eye makeup?
Junglebuttons2: i bet she made them.
Junglebuttons2: and then found the jacket at a garage sale
Junglebuttons2: and she was like
Junglebuttons2: NO WAY!
Megan Welch: hahaha
Megan Welch: i would TOTALLY do that
Junglebuttons2: i can’t imagine her doing her hair and being like “aaaaand PERFECT!”
Megan Welch: …just NOT with those earings….or that jacket
Junglebuttons2: LOL
Megan Welch: lol
Junglebuttons2: this woman is absurd
Junglebuttons2: anyway… you should do a glamour shot
Junglebuttons2: do you have a fun background?
Megan Welch: eh…not really
Junglebuttons2: do you have a blue sheet?
Junglebuttons2: or…
Megan Welch: i have a giant leopard pillow…
Megan Welch: it could substitue for a background
Junglebuttons2: oh yes!
Junglebuttons2: leopard is always good
Megan Welch: and i’m still staring wild eyed at the crazy sequin lady
Junglebuttons2: haha
Junglebuttons2: speaking of.
Junglebuttons2: i found her crazy sister
Megan Welch: link!
Junglebuttons2: i’m trying
Junglebuttons2: it’s taking a minute to load… maybe it’s all the sequins.
Megan Welch: LOL
Junglebuttons2: i hope they wash that jacket between wearers
Megan Welch: loading still…
Junglebuttons2: why the heck do they all need to hold the collar?
Junglebuttons2: oh
Megan Welch: oh.dear.lord.
Junglebuttons2: admittedly, she does look pretty sexy.
Megan Welch: the bangs!
Megan Welch: are you kidding me?
Junglebuttons2: yeah – i feel like all of her hair is contributing to the bangs
Junglebuttons2: and yes, i’m kidding you.
Megan Welch: thank god
Junglebuttons2: haha
Junglebuttons2: is that the same jacket?
Megan Welch: i was worried for a second there….
Megan Welch: ummmm
Megan Welch: could be,….
Junglebuttons2: i don’t have both up
Junglebuttons2: might as well be.
Megan Welch: oh wait, no
Megan Welch: the 1st one had stars all over the collar
Junglebuttons2: “you should wear this one. it brings out your eyes.”
Junglebuttons2: “because it’s shiny. and so are your eyes.”
Junglebuttons2: oh ok
Megan Welch: sadly, at least two hideously ugly overly sequined jackets exist in this world
Junglebuttons2: LOL
Junglebuttons2: quoted.
Megan Welch: hah i LOVE being quoted. woooooo
Megan Welch: the second one even has beads….
Junglebuttons2: beads only ever make things better.
Megan Welch: yeah, in hell
Junglebuttons2: LOL
Junglebuttons2: HAHAHAHA
Megan Welch: lol whew. that even made me laugh
Junglebuttons2: omg… i’m quoting this whole freaking thing.