today was “shopping day” and included a trip to target, the oveido mall, and tj maxx. I convinced mom to buy this shirt with a picture of a little chihuahua and “ChaCha” written underneath it.

I found it funny for 3 reasons.

1. little children can’t say tricia so she gets called chacha by most
2. there really is no reason for chacha to be written on this shirt. at all. (unless….is that some sort of nickname for a chihuahua?)
3. mothers breasts are so ginormous you can’t even tell anything is written because the word is hidden underneath the shelf of her breastage. only when she throws her shoulders back and shoves her chest into the air does the magic word appear. (think “the bend & snap” from the first Legally Blonde)

I also fell in love with a skimpy xoxo shirt at the mall. it was dark green with pretty peacock feathers all over it. i liked it because not only are they my favorite type of bird (because they have the most amazing feathers in the world [this photo by matt is currently my desktop picture]. plus “peacock” is one of the funniest names for an animal ever) but the shirt was also kind of sparkly and shiny, and everyone knows that makes anything better.

i feel incredibly vain posting thse but i reeeeaally loved this top.

(ick. funky lighting in the changing room and no flash = horrible picture quailty)

i wanted to buy it (i mean, it was half off! i have no idea how much is was to begin with but if it said half off it couldn’t be that bad…) but in all actuality, i would never wear a backless shirt out….apparently i only post pictures of myself wearing one on the internet for anyone to see.

after shopping i arrived home to find this waiting for me.

(i didn’t know how secret any of the stuff on there is supposed to be so i let my paranoia take over and blurred out most everything.)

that’s right. i applied for this baby last wednesday and it arrived this afternoon. one week. that’s pretty expedited if you ask me. at least now i can escape the country at a moments notice. i wish you could see the cool hologram on this sucker. it makes me have stars on my face!